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Whose Policies Benefits the Country Most, MCA or DAP? Chua-Lim Debate 2.0

PETALING JAYA (July 8 2012): The second debate between MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has started at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre in Subang Jaya.

Dr Chua being greeted by a well-wisher upon his arrival at the hall.

The debate started with Lim's opening remarks.

Lim: "MCA is not qualified to talk about politics here, as it is not MCA who decides - it is Umno who decides.

"The MCA speaks only for the Chinese, and those from the Peninsula - not Sabah or Sarawak.

"It is different for DAP - we want to speak for all Malaysians. Malay, Cina, India, Iban, Kadazan.

"We are all Malaysians. Look at the NFC scandal," he said.

"Who gains? The cronies. The losers are the citizens of Malaysia.

"For last 50 years, consumed by race and religion. For the next 50 years, let us be consumed with the tasks of economic wellbeing.

"BN has never spoken truthfully to the people. Let Pakatan Rakyat speak truthfully to you.

"DAP believes a clean govt can always perform better than a corrupt govt.

"If Penang dares to review the assets of the CM, why is the PM afraid of reviewing his assets and those of his ministers?" he said.

Dr Chua: "Just now YAB asked why the PM didn't want to debate with Anwar. I want to say here, it hasn't happened because he is the prime minister.

"From 2008 to 2011, the ease of doing business compared from 2003 to 2008. The fifth most favored FDI nation in Asia.

"They haven't been empty promises like those from Pakatan Rakyat. The promises were fulfilled. These three years, the rakyat has gotten what was promsied under the leadership of DS Najib."

"Anwar is full of rhetoric, no specific, short on delivery. He has to convince us to translate this rhetoric into what we call delivery.

"MCA has been involved in nation building from day one. We were the one involved in the fight against the communist insurgency, the resettlement of the Chinese in new villages, the fight for independence, the right of citizenship after independence. That's why citizens like LGE are citizens of the country.

"We laid down the foundations. We have progressed, advocated integration not assimiliation. That's why LGE is not called Sukarno Lim.

"These are history. All part of nation building. DAP has no role to play."

"What has PR done for us? No clear direction.

"Look at the four PR states, 95pc of the promise is janji janji kosong.

"Everyday tell the whole world you give hundred dollars to the old people.

"Two hundred to the newborn and they must be voters. We give 200 to our newborn babies.

"State govt giving 100, 200 are all populist policy. Does not address fundamental problem of country."

"DAP has only one thing to show. They collect a lot of money from the rakyat. Despite calls of accountability, transparency - nothing to show. Transparency, Accountability, where are they? Where has the money collected gone to?

"DAP is a camoflauge for Chinese chauvinist party."

Question: Mr President, stated number of major achievements of MCA, contributions to nation building. Yes today, many urban voters perceive MCA has not done enough. Perception that many urban voters are not supporting MCA. What would you do to try regain more support for MCA.

Dr Chua: We accept the fact this is a multiracial country and the policy of BN is the policy for balancing. DAP likes to tell the Chinese they are marginalised. The povery rate of Chinese is still lowest among three major races. Employment highest. Property ownership largest. Cannot deny in implementaion process there are people who benefit more than others, this is the bone of contention, cause a lot of Chinese to be angry with the govt and MCA bears the burden of this.

"DAP tries to portray itself as a multiracial party, but only dares to contest in chinese constituenciaes.

"Why don't you contest in multiracial constituencies? We are a mono-ethnic party, but our aims are clear.

"In this country we have to balance the needs and sensitivities of all countries. No particular race will feel happy.

"In the same way we sometimes feel govt giving too much to bumiputra. but some bumiputras not happy with govt."

Question: Many people still see DAP as Chinese-based party. Are you a Chinese party or multi-racial party, how would you try to win more support among other races if the latter is true.

Lim: From the very start we are a multiracial party. Our chairman is Indian, we have Indian MPs, have Malay MPs and state assemblymen in the past. We are fair to all regardless of race and religion. Would like MCA president know that not every Chinese rich as the MCA leaders.

Not every Chinese can apply for PR in Australia.

Don't forget that the Chinese community pays the most taxes in Malaysia.

At the same time we want to see justice and see our Malay brothers and sisters are assisted.

Why is it poor Chinese can't get scholarship but rich bumiputras can?

Dont go and talk about DAP forming a kindergarten. We are a political party to determine the future of Malaysia.

TAR College is clearest example of failure of MCA. Why was it established? Because of unfair quota policies where qualified students cannot enter public universities. so you formed TAR College. Shame on you MCA.

Dont say we haven't built low ccost housing. We have build. Don't lie.

Question:Is MCA scared of Umno

Dr Chua: I take objection to that question to say MCA is sacared of Umno. Not a fair question. If I say - and I've always said - if the state Cabinet, state exco and federal Cabinet, all the discussion are all taped. The govt should declassify the tape and then they und better the role of mca in a multiracial country.

Why is DAP so quiet about Anwar's alleged account of RM3bil, this from a statutory declaration.

This is equal partnership, let me tell you PR seize equal partnership but until today PAS have never openly endorsed Anwar as prime minister.

You can't event agree on a party common symbol and logo and register to party.

Question: I've read your Buku Jingga, stated among other things that if party win GE, forms central govt, going to abolish all road tolls, PTPTN and give income to houses that make less than 4K to make up that amount. Lots of other goodies. How are you going to implement these policies bearing in mind annual revenue does not exceed RM200bil.

Lim: This the first time I'm hearing from a minister admitting corruption cost us RM26bil. Question is, what you doing about it? Are you accepting the fact that BN permits corruption? That's why I say shame on you again.

Talk about collections from public. When DAP organises dinner, we don't give free dinners like MCA or Umno. We charge because we rely on public funds to survive. We don't steal the govt's money. That is the difference between BN and PR, the difference between MCA and DAP.

I think you need to read the right Buku Jingga, I think you read the wrong one. Abolish tolls, estimate of RM35mil. If you don't believe can be done, vote us into power and we show you can be done.

Question: On Chinese independent schools

Dr Chua: I only wish DAP is more specific as when they see a Chinese... why is it not written more clearly they will build more Chinese schools? indeopendent schools? recognise UEC?

I openly asked Anwar, are you going to build more Chinese schools? More independent scghool? pls tell me.

Because if it is from DAP, I dont trust. Why? Cos DAP will say this is not common policy framework.

Lim:We are not like MCA leaders who go to jail for cheating rakyat of its money.

When you talk about building of schools, judge by the deeds of the PR govt in Selangor and Penang. We have given land, we have given funding, we have given funding every year. If PR can give to all these schools, independent, Indian, Chinese, every year funding, why BN cannot do so?

Don't question our oppeness to allow indepndent Chinese schools.

Anwar, I cannot blame CSL because he gets his buku jingga from Chor Chee Heung, don't know what document they are reading. Maybe I should send videotape to you.

When you talk about Anwar if PR wins power he will be PM.


PETALING JAYA: The Star Media Group will provide live coverage of the debate between Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek and Lim Guan Eng tomorrow. (8 July 2012, Sun 2:30pm)

SwitchUp.TV, The Star's web TV site, will stream the debate live at 2.30pm. Those who wish to view it can watch live from the here below:

Catch the streaming video of the Chua-Lim debate on the topic, "DAP & MCA: Whose Policies Benefit the Country More?" live from Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre on Sunday, July 8, 2012 at 1430-1630hrs :

The debate will also be broadcast live over the radio by The Star's radio stations 988, Capital FM and Red FM.

Another option is to listen to it via the stations' websites, and

Updates will also be provided on The Star Online as well as via Twitter through @staronline.

The MCA publicity bureau will also be streaming the debate live through the party's website at or its official UStream homepage at

Unlike the previous debate which was televised live, a delayed recording of tomorrow's event would be shown on Astro Awani and Astro AEC at 11pm on the same day.

Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute will provide video recordings on YouTube with a delay of between eight and 10 minutes.

Its senior vice-president Ng Yeen Seen said plainclothes security officers would be among the audience during the debate to ensure that order was maintained.

This is one of the security measures to be taken by Asli, which is the organiser of the debate.

“While we are not expecting things to get violent, it is important to have moves in place in the interest of safety,” Ng said.

She said there were no untoward incidents in the first debate between the two politicians on Feb 18 and the same was expected for the one tomorrow.

During the first debate on Feb 18, some of the audience turned rowdy when posing questions to Dr Chua, who is MCA president, and Lim, who is the DAP secretary-general and Penang Chief Minister.

Some were seen snatching the microphone and shouting during the debate titled “Chinese at the crossroads: Is the two-party system becoming a two-race system?”.

For tomorrow's debate at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Cen-tre, Ng said MCA and DAP would each be allocated 400 seats for their supporters at the right and left sides of the hall, respectively.

“In the centre rows, 500 seats have been sold to the public while another 100 are reserved for Asli's guests,” she said, adding that reporters would be seated at tables in front of the hall to allow them to monitor the debate.

The debate, titled “DAP & MCA: Whose Policies Benefit the Coun-try More?”, will be conducted in English in front of a 1,500-strong audience.


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