Monday, 14 February 2011

Love train rekindles romance!

Love train rekindles romance for 20 senior citizens

KUALA LUMPUR: Twenty senior citizens had a roaring Valentine’s Day in a one-day train ride to Ipoh organised by Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd (KTMB).

Dubbed the “Retro Love Coach”, the senior citizens sat in a KTMB event coach that had a stage area, karaoke station and colourful retro seat covers and decorations.

Senior citizen Norsiah Nordin, 58, said the train ride was a romantic way of bringing her husband Ishak Abd Rahman, 61, and her closer.

“We had time to talk and enjoy the view with the leisurely pace of the train. It was like old times,” she said.
Both husband and wife agreed that Valentine’s Day was an expression of love and was not an issue for married couples.

“It’s good for married couples to be loving towards each other in daily life,” said Ishak, adding that he and his wife of 36 years often went travelling together to keep their romance alive.

Amir Rusli, 63, said the secret of a healthy marriage was to have “lots and lots” of patience.

”Don’t fret and squabble over small things. Think long-term,” he said.
Other than the married couples, eight senior ladies who had been friends for over three decades also took the train ride.

Retired widow Minah Abdul Majid, 62, said she and her friends often went on such trips together to have fun.
“Life as a senior citizen is great. We have the freedom to enjoy ourselves with friends that we have known for a lifetime,” she said.

KTMB marketing manager Mohd Noordin Kimi said the Retro Love Coach package was organised for the senior citizens in conjunction with the launch of the company’s 1Malaysia Couples Train package. The new package provides a 25% discount for groups of three couples.

“For example, a Malay couple should find Chinese and Indian friends (also couples) so the six of them can qualify for the package.”

KTMB will be organising a trip for couples to Singapore on May 16. The one-day package costing RM300 aims to attract around 300 couples of all ages and races. Those interested can call him at 019-2291486.f

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